Congratulations! You’re engaged.

Are you wondering what to expect when you shop for your perfect wedding dress? If you come to Victoria’s you can expect to be amazed!

Welcome to our shop!

You’ll be greeted at the door, and after giving our
receptionist your contact information you will be introduced to your personal bridal stylist. Your consultant will remain with only you, for the duration of your appointment . A short walk through the bridesmaids section of the shop will take you into our beautiful bridal showroom.
Here you will find your dream wedding dress hiding amongst the hundreds of dresses that we have.

In our collection we have a great selection of styles, silhouettes, fabrics, colors and sizes (ranging from 6-28). To start your appointment with us your personal stylist will ask you some questions such as date, venue, style, if you have tried on before, and your price point. This is a great time to show any pictures of dresses you have, whether you have tried them on or if they are just a model picture. From here your consultant will pull the dresses she believes fit your vision of your wedding, trust us we are the professionals.

During your appointment you will be able to try on multiple different dresses. Your consultant will be in the fitting room with you to help you try on as many dresses as time allows for, this means that you should feel comfortable changing in front of them. As bridal consultants its our job to help you put your dresses on, you don’t have to be shy with us, we want to help.

Purchasing your dream wedding dress

Victorias offers several money saving options that can be discussed with your consultant throughout your appointment. We also offer packages for discounts on accessories such as veils and jewelry as well as discounts for your bridesmaids. We also sell our floor sample dresses off the floor and if you fall in love with one in our shop and you would like to save a little more you can purchase the floor sample.

When you find your wedding dress and you would like to order your consultant will measure you, this way you can compare your measurements to the designers size chart to ensure we order the right size. Your consultant will help you through this whole process. Now comes the part no one likes to talk about the payment part.

We offer two options for brides that are ordering their dress through our shop. Option one; you can pay in full and when your dress comes in, you wont have to worry about anything. Option two; you can put 60% of the full cost of your dress down, this gives us the ability to order your wedding gown, then when your dress comes in you can pay the balance. We accept most forms of payment including VISA, MasterCard, or cash.

From here your dress will be ordered and you will be called when it arrives to our store, after it has been steamed form shipping. You can come back in try it on again, look at accessories and take it with you. Overall you want to make sure to plan to shop and purchase at least 9-12 months to order your dress. We are so excited to help you find the dress of your dreams. You can’t buy a dress without shopping at Victoria’ Bridal Shoppe.