Bridal Appointments

“Time to find my dream dress!”  

If this is your first time trying on bridal gowns at our shop: 

Select ‘Bridal Appointment’ 

You will have 1.5 hours to work with one of our bridal stylists in your own dressing room with a seating area for your guests. You may bring A MAX of 2 guests to this appointment. 

This appointment must be booked under the bride name and phone number. 




“I am coming back to say “yes”

to the dress!”

If you have been in trying on bridal gowns before and are ready to come back to say ‘YES’: 

Select ‘Retry Bridal Appointment’ 

Great, we can’t wait to see you again! You will have 1 hour to work with one of our bridal stylists to revisit and accessorize your favorite dress for a “complete look”. You may bring a MAX of 2  guests to this appointment. 



“My gown arrived, YAY!

Time to try it on!”

If we have notified you that your gown has arrived, it is time to come in and try it on!

Select ‘Bridal Try-On ’

At this time, if you have a balance on your gown it will be due. If you have not purchased a package, you will be taking your gown with you at this appointment. You may bring A MAX of 2 guests to this appointment.


“I need to come pick up my gown!”


This appointment type does not include a fitting room to try on in. This is a curbside appointment, when you book this your gown will be brought directly out to your car for you when you arrive!


Select ‘Curbside Pickup’